Mini Quilt and a Giveaway!

Hi Friends!  I’m so excited to share this mini quilt and giveaway with you!  Pat Bravo asked for makers to make mini quilts featuring her two new lines, Dare and Essentials II.  I was thrilled when I was invited to participate!  I doodled the first draft of the block the ended up as this quilt on a post it at work (don’t tell my boss…).  I went home and mocked it up and hoped the fabric that was on its way to me would work for my design.  I think it was a perfect fit!! I adore each of these prints and the way the two collections work so well together.


To quilt it, I stitched in the ditch, focusing on different lines in the block on alternating rows.


This mini quilt is made up of 4″ completed paper pieced blocks. I love paper piecing because of how precise it is.  My points always line up!  I designed these blocks so that the seams will nest when the blocks are sewn together, which makes it easier to sew the blocks together and everything will line up perfectly!  This pattern, “The Tony Danza Mini Quilt”, is available in my Pattern shop.  Included in the pattern are instructions, printable foundations and printable templates.  (I love using templates! I don’t have to worry about cutting a piece too small, there’s hardly any waste, and it makes fabric placement a lot easier.)  If you’re new to paper piecing, but want to give it a try, this would be the perfect first project! It’s small and easy! PLUS I will be posting in depth instructions for paper piecing TOMORROW.  So come back for my tutorial plus my tips and tricks!

I am offering up TWO prizes for my GIVEAWAY!

The first is this bundle of Fabric!  It includes 6 fat eighths, and some leftover scraps from my mini quilt.


The second prize is all three of my mini quilt patterns!  Pictured here are “The Tony Danza Mini Quilt,” “The Jason Bateman Mini Quilt,” and “The Scott Baio Mini Quilt.”


To enter the giveaway, head on over to Instagram, follow me @mycrowdednest, and comment on the giveaway image with what you want to make.  Tag a friend for an additional entry.  I will be drawing on Friday, May 13th, the final day of the blog tour, so be sure to get your entry in by then!  Good Luck!!

(Shipping to US residents is included in the giveaway.)

The Minis BlogTour-Blog Banner

There have already been so many wonderful mini quilts featured on this blog tour!  Click the pic for the full lineup.  Yesterday Christine Blessing (@cblessing0) and Cat Noonan (@tincat13) shared their adorable minis on Instagram.  Today Jyoti Haeusler is also sharing her mini quilt. Tomorrow we get to see what Faith Essenburg and Lesley Storts have created.  I’m so grateful to be included in such a talented group!

**A note about the names of these mini quilts: You know how sometimes parents ask their child to name their other child? And  how that seems really risky, because they could end up with a baby named Numerica??  Well, that’s sort of what happened here.  I asked my (adult) sister to name this quilt and she suggested “Tony Danza.” And it made me laugh.  And I kind of thought it might make someone else laugh too.  (I asked her how she came up with that name and she said “It was very early and I’m a genius.”)  So we decided to just go with it and name this collection of mini quilts after some of the men that made 80’s TV so wonderful.


Super Toddlers!

These are my super toddlers. They are committed to fighting organization and tidiness. Their super powers are being so cute that I don’t mind.

Lately they have been asking us to tuck dish towels into their shirts while they zoom around the house. So I decided to make them capes. But I don’t like things that tie around their necks (it just doesn’t feel safe).  And I’ve seen the kinds with snaps but they only work with the corresponding shirt. So my solution? Magnets!!


I used tiny 1/4″ super strong magnets. I sewed three into these tabs and then I sewed another three into the little facing strip. (I reinforced the stitching around all of the magnets so they won’t escape). The tabs wrap around the collar of whatever shirt they are wearing and stick to the magnets in the facing. It works really well!

Then I used my Silhouette Cameo to design and cut out these super hero logos. (I love that machine!)

They are a big hit! That makes me a super mommy, right?!?

It’s Giveaway Time!



Hi Friends!  Bonnie Christine’s look book for her new fabric line, Forest Floor with Art Gallery Fabrics, was just released.  Check out all the beauty here.  Notice anything??? Hint: those two clutches up there… and my tiny tote too!  (All three patterns are available on my patterns page.)

To celebrate, I will be giving away a custom completed clutch! 

All you need to do to enter is follow me over on Instagram (@mycrowdednest) and tag a friend on the giveaway thread.  Share the above image for an extra entry, be sure to tag it with #forestfloorclutch.  I will make a random selection on Thursday, March 10, and the winner can choose either style and from a selection of fabrics, to be hand made by moi!

Details: All entries must be made by 5:00 pm Thursday, March 10.  Shipping to US included in giveaway.

My New Shop!

Hi, Friends!  I have been pretty quiet here on my blog lately because I’ve been busy working on something that I’m very excited about and excited to share with you!

I’ve opened a pattern shop!

I’m excited to offer patterns for these two clutches.  I’ve made both of them with fabric from Bonnie Christine’s new line, Forest Floor, with Art Gallery Fabrics.  (I’m in love with every print in this line.)  I’m already planning some more bags, and hope to get some quilt patterns up, too!

You can purchase my patterns and get more information by clicking on my “Patterns” page (here).  I will be adding more patterns as I complete them.

I am also planning a Giveaway to celebrate, so keep your eyes open for that!  Thanks for stopping by!

Special thanks to Callie Lynch for taking such beautiful pics!

Sew Together Bag Take 2


Winter is for knitting.  At least that’s what my creative inclinations dictate.  (I picked up the kit for this hat from our awesome local yarn shop, Silver Threads and Golden Needles.)  I used to keep my knitting notions and supplies in a big pencil case looking thing.  I’ve had it for approximately 28596 years and I was thinking I needed something new.  So naturally I decided to make another Sew Together Bag.  (I have already made one for my sewing supplies, I wrote about it here and here.) When I made the bag before, I wanted the front piece to lay flat so I altered it a little bit.  This time I cared more about keeping everything contained, so I followed the pattern exactly.

I used some fabric from Katarina Roccella’s Wonderland line from Art Gallery FabricsI already made a tote out of the feather canvas and some faux leather, and had a little bit left over, just enough for the outer of the bag.

I picked up a little bit of the some coordinates from the line and these awesome icy zippers to finish off the bag.  I love a zipper that pops.

I’m really happy with how it turned out and it is perfect for keeping everything I need close and organized.  If you haven’t made one of these bags yet, you definitely should!

PS- I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… I did a lot of creating for the Holidays, but most of it was for gifts and I didn’t want to post about those things and ruin and the surprise.  It occurred to me too late that I should’ve taken pics of what I made, but I lacked foresight.  And I’m a notorious procrastinator so I probably also lacked the time to actually take the pics and still get the items in the mail on time… Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge that it’s been a while and say “Hi! Thanks for coming back!”


Thanksgiving Recap

Because I love numbers, I will be quantifying Thanksgiving this year…

Hand made personalized pumpkin silverware pockets: 6

Coordinating cloth napkins: 6

Napkins completed in time for the meal: 2 (I got the other 4 done on Friday, all ready for next year…)

Decorative Turkey Towels: 1

Super cute kitchen helpers: 2

Minutes spent preparing Thanksgiving Meal: 1,328

Minutes spent by family consuming Thanksgiving Meal: 17

Side dishes Lily ate: 1 (it was, of course, the only thing that came from a can…and is shaped like a can…)

Types of bread: 2 (I have to have biscuits…)

Calories consumed: 34,476

Times I will be reheating leftovers in lieu of preparing an actual meal: 3 (not including the pot of Turkey Bone Soup I will be making this week)

Family members who are too far away: 58

Things I am thankful for: 1,587,475

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Happy Halloween!

I usually make my kids’ costumes.

This was several years ago, when I only had two! But I loved making these. It was the only year I actually coerced them into coordinating costumes.

Last year I got to coordinate the babies, they were Curious George and the Lady in the Yellow Hat.

(Yes, that’s Eric in the top photo. He fell asleep in his sister’s chair with his sister’s pacifier.)

This year, Chris and I got in on the action…

We went as Zoo Keepers for our flamingo, panda and gorilla. (Levi was on a hunting trip with his Grandpa this year. We missed him quite a bit 😢) 
I loved making Lily and Cora’s costumes. They both got to be the animals they love the most. (Remember?) Eric is lucky enough to have an older cousin who passed along a gorilla costume so I didn’t make his. And it suddenly occurred to me that he has been a monkey two years in a row. We’ll do something different next year, buddy.

What did you dress up as this year?

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My mistake and the beauty that happened anyway

Sometimes I just do dumb stuff. For instance, I was recently making a toddler dress for my friend Bonnie Christine. It was an adorable hooded sweatshirt dress with a keyhole in the front.  The fabric was a sweet knit print she designed for her new line, Forest Floor. I was making it from strike offs for her booth at quilt market, so it was in limited supply.  And then… I accidentally cut the keyhole out of the back. Like a dummy. I literally had to cut through the word “back” on the pattern piece to make that mistake. Like a big dummy.  There wasn’t enough fabric to cut another piece. I only cried a little.  (But to be fair, I cry about everything. It’s charming.)  To try and make my mistake seem intentional, I left off the hood and used a coordinating print to bind the neckline and keyhole. And it turned out so sweet. I actually like it better than the original design.

(Aren’t these prints amazing?!?)

And that got me thinking.  I have made quite a few mistakes in my life. Most of them are bigger than cutting some fabric incorrectly. But I thankfully know a Redeemer. My mistakes and missteps and poor decisions have taught me invaluable lessons. But more than that, they have been turned into good things for me. Instead of being defined by my choices, I am defined by my Creator. It is really good to be His.

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Put a Snap on it!

IMG_4873I finally finished my Sew Together Bag.  I previously wrote about how I started it but didn’t get it finished, and then Crafters’ ADD kicked in and I started and finished several other projects before coming back to it.  I made two noteworthy changes: I used a longer outer zipper and I added Kam Snaps.  I made the binding on the handles longer to accommodate the longer zipper.  The snaps served two purposes: first, when the handles are unsnapped, the front can lay down flat and I can put a pin cushion, scissors, an awl and other supplies there.  I like having a place to put those things, otherwise I set them somewhere weird and have to grope around my machine to find them.  The snaps also gave me some options with the handle.  I can snap it to the sides, like the pattern shows, or snap it above the bag.  I love the versatility snaps can give a project.  Full disclosure: I look for excuses to put snaps on stuff.  This is a conversation that often happens in my house:

Me: “You know what this needs?”

My Husband: “A snap.”

Me: “Yup.”

When I posted  about a Hand Sanitizer Holder I made for Cora, obviously including a snap, I got a request for a video tutorial.  It took me a little while to find the time, but here it is:

I put snaps on pot holders so that I could snap them over the handle on the oven.  And I made my babies’ newborn cloth diapers, complete with snaps.  And I made my big kids these toys, called Snapazoos.  They can snap into all different animal shapes.

IMG_4861 So, yea, I like snaps.  What project could you enhance with snaps?

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A couple Scout Tees

So I might just be the last sewist to make a Scout Tee by Grainline Studio. I have seen them everywhere. I actually made two.

This one is from a lovely rayon from Heather Bailey’s line Momentum with Free Spirit Fabrics.

And this one is a quilters weight cotton from Art Gallery Fabrics. It’s from Pat Bravo’s new line, Artisan.

(We carry both at the Shop)

I have found that once I make something I want to be done with it. I want to file away my pattern on start on the next thing. Occasionally I will return, months, maybe years later to make another one, but generally I don’t. I knew that I wanted two of these so I made them simultaneously, assembly line style. (And honestly, I do want another one to wear, because it fits so well, I just don’t want to be the one to make it 😁…I want to do something new!)

I really love the fit. And I didn’t have to alter the pattern at all, which is rare for me.

I also learned that I don’t know what to do with my arms when I’m being photographed. So…uh…hand on hip. Always.

Well except for in this pic. Where I’m being goofy with my E man.

Yesterday I wore the rayon and today I will be wearing the cotton. And I might just suck it up and make one more with double gauze.

Do you like to make the same thing again and again? Or are you “one and done” like me?

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