Basting Review Part 2: Pins and Pinmoors



Hi Friends! Welcome to week two on this little adventure in basting!  I first saw this method of basting on Leah Day’s website, and it intrigued me, so I wanted to try it out.  It is the same basic idea as using safety pins, but instead you bend some straight flower head pins and stick a little silicon pinmoor on the end of the pin.

The Method

I prepared my quilt sandwich exactly as I did when basting with safety pins.   The only difference is that instead of securing safety pins all over the quilt, I bent a straight pin and stuck a pinmoor on the end of it.  I used about 150 pins and pinmoors for this lap size quilt.

The Stats

Cost: The flower head pins I used are size 32 and they were about $6 for a pack of 50.  The pinmoors are about $19 for a pack of 50 or $35 for 100.

Time: My quilt measured about 52″ x 72″ and it took me 45 minutes to baste it.  Because this was the first time I have used this method, I had to bend all of my pins, and that time is included in the 45 minutes.  Next time it will go even faster

Efficacy: the quilt layers stayed very stable as I quilted it, and I didn’t have any puckers or pleats on the back


The Review

Pros:  It was faster than basting with safety pins and didn’t put the strain on my hands that safety pins do.  It was also really fast and easy to remove them at the machine.  I felt like I shifted the layers less when using these.  Sometimes in fastening and unfastening the safety pins, I felt like I was moving the backing and quilt top a little, but everything stayed put when using this method.

Cons: It is more expensive than pin basting.  For this lap sized quilt, the supplies cost around $75.  They are completely reusable though, and shouldn’t have to be replaced (their website claims they should last forever…).

For me, the cost is worth it.  I found it to be much easier, faster and less tedious than basting with safety pins.  They kept all of my layers secure and I was really happy with the results.  Plus there is something kind of cute about them.  I like any product that gives me a pink option!   All things considered, I would highly recommend this method!

Come back next month when I try basting using a needle and thread!


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