Paper Piecing Tutorial, Part Two

Hi Friends!  I am bringing you part two of my paper piecing tutorial.  If you missed the first part, catch up here.  Today I will be going over how to put together your paper pieced blocks or sections and sharing some tips and tricks I learned the hard way.

Tip #1:

(Maybe not really a tip, just something I wish someone had told me…does that qualify as a tip?)


When paper piecing, you will start and stop a few stitches outside of the sewing line, resulting in the picture on the left.  Those stitches get in the way when trying to attach the adjacent piece (8 in the pic).  To fix that, pinch the seam with one hand and use the other to gently rip the foundation paper away from the stitches (right pic).  Then you can fold back on the solid line to trim and attach the next piece.  If you get a little overzealous and need to fix your foundation paper, you can repair any damage with Scotch Magic Transparent tape (yes, it is important that you use that kind)

Tip #2:


If the piece on the end is a little larger, it can slip and shift  away from the paper when you start to attach the pieces.  A little dab of glue can help everything stay in place.  This tip is applicable in most areas of life.

Tip #3:

tip 3

When attaching pieces at an angle, as in the left picture, line the pieces up to sew so that the side edges meet at the seam line, as pictured to the right.  Sew on the seam line.  (This is one of the reasons I like to leave my papers attached until after they are all sewn together)

Tip #4

tip 4

To check that the seams and points all line up when sewing pieces together, use a pin. (Some people baste the pieces together with a longer stitch, but I find this method to be quick and effective)  After lining up both pieces and securing them with a pin or a wonder clip, insert a pin on the seam line on one side (left pic) then flip it over and make sure the pin falls right on the seam line on the other side (right pic, it’s really hard to see, because the pin is right on the black solid line).

Tip #5

seam allowance

After sewing two pieces together, remove the paper just from the seam allowance; that leaves the remaining seam lines in place.  Remove the rest of the paper after the entire quilt is assembled.  Because the paper doesn’t stretch or shift like fabric, it keeps the fabric stable until it is all sewn together.

And I think that’s everything! If you have any other questions or need some clarification, please leave a comment, or feel free to email me (!

For a printable pdf containing the instructions for both Part 1 and Part 2, click here.



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