Mini Quilt and a Giveaway!

Hi Friends!  I’m so excited to share this mini quilt and giveaway with you!  Pat Bravo asked for makers to make mini quilts featuring her two new lines, Dare and Essentials II.  I was thrilled when I was invited to participate!  I doodled the first draft of the block the ended up as this quilt on a post it at work (don’t tell my boss…).  I went home and mocked it up and hoped the fabric that was on its way to me would work for my design.  I think it was a perfect fit!! I adore each of these prints and the way the two collections work so well together.


To quilt it, I stitched in the ditch, focusing on different lines in the block on alternating rows.


This mini quilt is made up of 4″ completed paper pieced blocks. I love paper piecing because of how precise it is.  My points always line up!  I designed these blocks so that the seams will nest when the blocks are sewn together, which makes it easier to sew the blocks together and everything will line up perfectly!  This pattern, “The Tony Danza Mini Quilt”, is available in my Pattern shop.  Included in the pattern are instructions, printable foundations and printable templates.  (I love using templates! I don’t have to worry about cutting a piece too small, there’s hardly any waste, and it makes fabric placement a lot easier.)  If you’re new to paper piecing, but want to give it a try, this would be the perfect first project! It’s small and easy! PLUS I will be posting in depth instructions for paper piecing TOMORROW.  So come back for my tutorial plus my tips and tricks!

I am offering up TWO prizes for my GIVEAWAY!

The first is this bundle of Fabric!  It includes 6 fat eighths, and some leftover scraps from my mini quilt.


The second prize is all three of my mini quilt patterns!  Pictured here are “The Tony Danza Mini Quilt,” “The Jason Bateman Mini Quilt,” and “The Scott Baio Mini Quilt.”


To enter the giveaway, head on over to Instagram, follow me @mycrowdednest, and comment on the giveaway image with what you want to make.  Tag a friend for an additional entry.  I will be drawing on Friday, May 13th, the final day of the blog tour, so be sure to get your entry in by then!  Good Luck!!

(Shipping to US residents is included in the giveaway.)

The Minis BlogTour-Blog Banner

There have already been so many wonderful mini quilts featured on this blog tour!  Click the pic for the full lineup.  Yesterday Christine Blessing (@cblessing0) and Cat Noonan (@tincat13) shared their adorable minis on Instagram.  Today Jyoti Haeusler is also sharing her mini quilt. Tomorrow we get to see what Faith Essenburg and Lesley Storts have created.  I’m so grateful to be included in such a talented group!

**A note about the names of these mini quilts: You know how sometimes parents ask their child to name their other child? And  how that seems really risky, because they could end up with a baby named Numerica??  Well, that’s sort of what happened here.  I asked my (adult) sister to name this quilt and she suggested “Tony Danza.” And it made me laugh.  And I kind of thought it might make someone else laugh too.  (I asked her how she came up with that name and she said “It was very early and I’m a genius.”)  So we decided to just go with it and name this collection of mini quilts after some of the men that made 80’s TV so wonderful.


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