Super Toddlers!

These are my super toddlers. They are committed to fighting organization and tidiness. Their super powers are being so cute that I don’t mind.

Lately they have been asking us to tuck dish towels into their shirts while they zoom around the house. So I decided to make them capes. But I don’t like things that tie around their necks (it just doesn’t feel safe).  And I’ve seen the kinds with snaps but they only work with the corresponding shirt. So my solution? Magnets!!


I used tiny 1/4″ super strong magnets. I sewed three into these tabs and then I sewed another three into the little facing strip. (I reinforced the stitching around all of the magnets so they won’t escape). The tabs wrap around the collar of whatever shirt they are wearing and stick to the magnets in the facing. It works really well!

Then I used my Silhouette Cameo to design and cut out these super hero logos. (I love that machine!)

They are a big hit! That makes me a super mommy, right?!?