Sew Together Bag Take 2


Winter is for knitting.  At least that’s what my creative inclinations dictate.  (I picked up the kit for this hat from our awesome local yarn shop, Silver Threads and Golden Needles.)  I used to keep my knitting notions and supplies in a big pencil case looking thing.  I’ve had it for approximately 28596 years and I was thinking I needed something new.  So naturally I decided to make another Sew Together Bag.  (I have already made one for my sewing supplies, I wrote about it here and here.) When I made the bag before, I wanted the front piece to lay flat so I altered it a little bit.  This time I cared more about keeping everything contained, so I followed the pattern exactly.

I used some fabric from Katarina Roccella’s Wonderland line from Art Gallery FabricsI already made a tote out of the feather canvas and some faux leather, and had a little bit left over, just enough for the outer of the bag.

I picked up a little bit of the some coordinates from the line and these awesome icy zippers to finish off the bag.  I love a zipper that pops.

I’m really happy with how it turned out and it is perfect for keeping everything I need close and organized.  If you haven’t made one of these bags yet, you definitely should!

PS- I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… I did a lot of creating for the Holidays, but most of it was for gifts and I didn’t want to post about those things and ruin and the surprise.  It occurred to me too late that I should’ve taken pics of what I made, but I lacked foresight.  And I’m a notorious procrastinator so I probably also lacked the time to actually take the pics and still get the items in the mail on time… Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge that it’s been a while and say “Hi! Thanks for coming back!”