Thanksgiving Recap

Because I love numbers, I will be quantifying Thanksgiving this year…

Hand made personalized pumpkin silverware pockets: 6

Coordinating cloth napkins: 6

Napkins completed in time for the meal: 2 (I got the other 4 done on Friday, all ready for next year…)

Decorative Turkey Towels: 1

Super cute kitchen helpers: 2

Minutes spent preparing Thanksgiving Meal: 1,328

Minutes spent by family consuming Thanksgiving Meal: 17

Side dishes Lily ate: 1 (it was, of course, the only thing that came from a can…and is shaped like a can…)

Types of bread: 2 (I have to have biscuits…)

Calories consumed: 34,476

Times I will be reheating leftovers in lieu of preparing an actual meal: 3 (not including the pot of Turkey Bone Soup I will be making this week)

Family members who are too far away: 58

Things I am thankful for: 1,587,475

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