Happy Halloween!

I usually make my kids’ costumes.

This was several years ago, when I only had two! But I loved making these. It was the only year I actually coerced them into coordinating costumes.

Last year I got to coordinate the babies, they were Curious George and the Lady in the Yellow Hat.

(Yes, that’s Eric in the top photo. He fell asleep in his sister’s chair with his sister’s pacifier.)

This year, Chris and I got in on the action…

We went as Zoo Keepers for our flamingo, panda and gorilla. (Levi was on a hunting trip with his Grandpa this year. We missed him quite a bit 😢) 
I loved making Lily and Cora’s costumes. They both got to be the animals they love the most. (Remember?) Eric is lucky enough to have an older cousin who passed along a gorilla costume so I didn’t make his. And it suddenly occurred to me that he has been a monkey two years in a row. We’ll do something different next year, buddy.

What did you dress up as this year?

Thanks for visiting!


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