Put a Snap on it!

IMG_4873I finally finished my Sew Together Bag.  I previously wrote about how I started it but didn’t get it finished, and then Crafters’ ADD kicked in and I started and finished several other projects before coming back to it.  I made two noteworthy changes: I used a longer outer zipper and I added Kam Snaps.  I made the binding on the handles longer to accommodate the longer zipper.  The snaps served two purposes: first, when the handles are unsnapped, the front can lay down flat and I can put a pin cushion, scissors, an awl and other supplies there.  I like having a place to put those things, otherwise I set them somewhere weird and have to grope around my machine to find them.  The snaps also gave me some options with the handle.  I can snap it to the sides, like the pattern shows, or snap it above the bag.  I love the versatility snaps can give a project.  Full disclosure: I look for excuses to put snaps on stuff.  This is a conversation that often happens in my house:

Me: “You know what this needs?”

My Husband: “A snap.”

Me: “Yup.”

When I posted  about a Hand Sanitizer Holder I made for Cora, obviously including a snap, I got a request for a video tutorial.  It took me a little while to find the time, but here it is:

I put snaps on pot holders so that I could snap them over the handle on the oven.  And I made my babies’ newborn cloth diapers, complete with snaps.  And I made my big kids these toys, called Snapazoos.  They can snap into all different animal shapes.

IMG_4861 So, yea, I like snaps.  What project could you enhance with snaps?

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