My mistake and the beauty that happened anyway

Sometimes I just do dumb stuff. For instance, I was recently making a toddler dress for my friend Bonnie Christine. It was an adorable hooded sweatshirt dress with a keyhole in the front.  The fabric was a sweet knit print she designed for her new line, Forest Floor. I was making it from strike offs for her booth at quilt market, so it was in limited supply.  And then… I accidentally cut the keyhole out of the back. Like a dummy. I literally had to cut through the word “back” on the pattern piece to make that mistake. Like a big dummy.  There wasn’t enough fabric to cut another piece. I only cried a little.  (But to be fair, I cry about everything. It’s charming.)  To try and make my mistake seem intentional, I left off the hood and used a coordinating print to bind the neckline and keyhole. And it turned out so sweet. I actually like it better than the original design.

(Aren’t these prints amazing?!?)

And that got me thinking.  I have made quite a few mistakes in my life. Most of them are bigger than cutting some fabric incorrectly. But I thankfully know a Redeemer. My mistakes and missteps and poor decisions have taught me invaluable lessons. But more than that, they have been turned into good things for me. Instead of being defined by my choices, I am defined by my Creator. It is really good to be His.

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Put a Snap on it!

IMG_4873I finally finished my Sew Together Bag.  I previously wrote about how I started it but didn’t get it finished, and then Crafters’ ADD kicked in and I started and finished several other projects before coming back to it.  I made two noteworthy changes: I used a longer outer zipper and I added Kam Snaps.  I made the binding on the handles longer to accommodate the longer zipper.  The snaps served two purposes: first, when the handles are unsnapped, the front can lay down flat and I can put a pin cushion, scissors, an awl and other supplies there.  I like having a place to put those things, otherwise I set them somewhere weird and have to grope around my machine to find them.  The snaps also gave me some options with the handle.  I can snap it to the sides, like the pattern shows, or snap it above the bag.  I love the versatility snaps can give a project.  Full disclosure: I look for excuses to put snaps on stuff.  This is a conversation that often happens in my house:

Me: “You know what this needs?”

My Husband: “A snap.”

Me: “Yup.”

When I posted  about a Hand Sanitizer Holder I made for Cora, obviously including a snap, I got a request for a video tutorial.  It took me a little while to find the time, but here it is:

I put snaps on pot holders so that I could snap them over the handle on the oven.  And I made my babies’ newborn cloth diapers, complete with snaps.  And I made my big kids these toys, called Snapazoos.  They can snap into all different animal shapes.

IMG_4861 So, yea, I like snaps.  What project could you enhance with snaps?

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A couple Scout Tees

So I might just be the last sewist to make a Scout Tee by Grainline Studio. I have seen them everywhere. I actually made two.

This one is from a lovely rayon from Heather Bailey’s line Momentum with Free Spirit Fabrics.

And this one is a quilters weight cotton from Art Gallery Fabrics. It’s from Pat Bravo’s new line, Artisan.

(We carry both at the Shop)

I have found that once I make something I want to be done with it. I want to file away my pattern on start on the next thing. Occasionally I will return, months, maybe years later to make another one, but generally I don’t. I knew that I wanted two of these so I made them simultaneously, assembly line style. (And honestly, I do want another one to wear, because it fits so well, I just don’t want to be the one to make it 😁…I want to do something new!)

I really love the fit. And I didn’t have to alter the pattern at all, which is rare for me.

I also learned that I don’t know what to do with my arms when I’m being photographed. So…uh…hand on hip. Always.

Well except for in this pic. Where I’m being goofy with my E man.

Yesterday I wore the rayon and today I will be wearing the cotton. And I might just suck it up and make one more with double gauze.

Do you like to make the same thing again and again? Or are you “one and done” like me?

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