Did you know Art Gallery Fabrics makes canvas now? Well they do. And it’s awesome.  When I saw this print from Katarina Roccella I knew it needed to come home with me and be turned into a tote. Because I can always use a tote.  (And I didn’t even have to spent $35 on something I only sort of wanted to get it!) I had already bought this faux leather because it was so soft, and had it in my stash at home. I quilted the bottom pieces and also used it for the handles.


Wonder Clips! These little clips are super useful for sewing with materials that you don’t want to pin.  Pins would leave holes in this faux leather so they aren’t the best option. Wonder Clips have a flat side so they will glide over the surface of your machine. I just slip them off as they get close to the presser foot.  They come in a few colors and quantities.  I put off buying them for some reason, but now I find myself reaching for them all the time.  I use them for attaching binding or anytime that I’m sewing through something thick or with a lot of layers.

Planning my own tote reminded me that my (very patient) mother-in-law picked out this fabric for a beach tote. It’s an Art Gallery print as well, but quilting cotton. The body of the bag is all one piece, but I only wanted to quilt the bottom portion.

I chose some ribbon from Renaissance Ribbons to embellish each bag. I love the way it brought a little color to the canvas bag and introduced navy into the beach tote.

My mother-in-law asked for a monogram and after debating a few colors and pestering her with options, she chose navy. I always labor over decisions, but when I’m making something for someone else, I have no faith in my ability to choose. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. My Baby Lock always stitches designs beautifully.

 I used a print from Bonnie Chtistine’s  Cultivate line for the lining (also Art Gallery).

(This is where I’m fighting the urge to say my totes are totes adorbs.)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Creating!


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