A quick project with my little lady 

I haven’t had time to sew in two weeks. Two weeks! So this morning I had about an hour and a half before work to put something together really quick. I had already purchased this design from Pickle Pie Designs to make a hand sanitizer holder.  And I had about a fat quarter of this adorable panda fabric from Cotton + Steel left over from the purse I made for Cora.  Plus I had a lovely little 3-year-old who was anxious to help me.
 Sewing in jammies=an awesome start to any day.

This was my first in-the-hoop design, and I loved how quickly and easily it went together! The instructions from Pickle Pie Designs were very well written and easy to follow.  It was almost mindless.  The hardest part was making sure that the pandas were going in the right direction.  (I debated admitting this, but since I value honesty…there is supposed to be a ribbon loop on the side, but I accidentally put it on backwards and had to cut it off.  Follow instructions, friends; it’s important.)

I love the embroidery capabilities on my Baby Lock Sofia 2!  And Lily loves to push the “Start” button. It is so fun to personalize things and make custom embroidered and appliquéd shirts, onesies and quilts. Making this little hand sanitizer holder almost completely in the embroidery hoop was so quick and easy on my sweet little Sofia.

After I took it out of the hoop, it needed a snap.  I love KAM snaps.  My husband teases me because I want to put a snap on everything.  I have a wide variety of colors, and debated putting a neon snap on this, but ended up using my snap pliers to put on a simple silver snap.  It turned out really cute, and with all the germs floating around school, it’s definitely something she needed! Now to make one for Levi…

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6 thoughts on “A quick project with my little lady 

    1. KAM snaps are by far the easiest and sturdiest snaps I’ve ever used. If you visit their website, you will see they offer pliers to attach them, and that’s what I use. I will try to take a little video and post it tomorrow!


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