A deep breath in

My big kids start school tomorrow.  It’s always a little bittersweet.  I love the freedom of summer, I like having my kids around and not having to make plans around the school schedule.  But the routine of the school year is also nice, and I tend to be more productive when I’m functioning in a routine.  This week I didn’t sew a single stitch.

I did warp my new loom though…

(It’s from Wood Creek Looms)

And I went on a long walk with two awesome kiddos.

And I went to a football game to watch my big girl cheer on her team.

And I hung out with my oldest son, savoring the time I have with him before school starts.  He’s kind of awesome.  I don’t have a pic of the time we spent together but it would have included sweat pants and a messy bun, and a super cool 11 year old.

And I took a deep breath in.  I was feeling overwhelmed by everything I wanted to accomplish.  So I stepped away, to plan my upcoming projects (spoiler: lots of knits for fall, and a little linen too…).  Now I feel refreshed and ready to make some beautiful new things!

Thanks for tuning in to my rambles…



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