From order to chaos to order

I sew in a cage. I don’t think I’ve ever shared that detail of my life with you. My husband has selflessly given me a corner of our living space and it is dedicated to my creative endeavors. We have put a fence around it to keep a few of my mischievous monchichhis out of it. I could have been cute and called it a nook, or elegant and called it a studio. But I value truth too highly, and it has been honestly dubbed “the Cage.”

My little cage goes through various stages of organization.  I usually have more than one project going and there are scraps and tools and rulers all over the place.  I will clear just enough space to take an uncluttered pic of my finished project.  But right outside of the frame is a disaster.  (It’s so easy to only show the tidy parts of our life on the internet, isn’t it?!? But that’s a topic for another post…)  When I have time (and motivation) I do tidy things up.  I take it from chaos to order.  At least for a little while.

Sewing and quilting starts with order.  We start with beautiful, complete pieces of fabric and cut them up in order to turn them into something even more beautiful. The part in the middle, where there are raw edges and odd shapes, isn’t so pretty.  But someone with vision can take those pieces and create a masterpiece.  From order to chaos to order again.  The chaos is an essential part of the creative process.

In my own life, I have seen the biggest growth and strength in the chaotic times.  I tend to fear change.  But that’s silly.  I don’t want to fear chaos, but submit to the Creator, who has a master plan in mind and can take the mess and turn it into something beautiful.


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