One Pattern, Two Dresses

I love to sew for my kids.  And, if I’m being honest, I especially like to sew for my girls.  They are more excited about my handmade items, and for some reason the girly things are just more fun and diverse than the boyish ones.  I found this beautiful pattern from Violette Field Threads, called Stella.

Stella One-Shoulder Dress

Isn’t it darling? I bought the pattern intending to make the dress for my youngest daughter, and used some beautiful fabric from Bonnie Christine’s newest line, Cultivate.  Whenever I bring home some new fabric she says “Is dat my favric, Mama? Dat’s for me?” And her delight when I tell her that it is, in fact, going to soon be a dress for her is contagious.  I used a contrasting print for the ruffle and left out the sash.  For the hem, I strayed from the pattern and sewed a band on the bottom that I embellished with a hem stitch.  Here is the final result:

She’s super cute and incredibly difficult to capture.  She just can’t stop moving!

After I finished her dress, my older daughter told me she wanted one, too.  Of course I would happily oblige.  She came to the shop and picked out her fabric.  She’s in a teal-loving phase right now, and chose a print I happen to adore.  Guess what? More Bonnie Christine! (I’m so happy that she chose Art Gallery fabric. I’ve said it before, but if you haven’t felt their fabric, do it! The pima cotton is unparalleled and doesn’t require ironing like other quilter’s weight cottons.)  This print is from her Winged line.  For her dress, I chose not to do a contrasting ruffle, as I thought it was a slightly more mature look to make the whole dress with the same print.

When she first tried on her dress it was very ill-fitting.  Like her mom, she is slightly hard to fit.  It was gaping at the bust but fit perfectly at her waist.  I huffed and told her to take it off and flopped on the couch and took about 20 seconds to pout.  I wish I had taken a picture of the “before” dress, but no one wants to have proof of failure.  So I had her try the dress on inside out and pinned where it needed to be taken in on the side without the zipper.  I also measured how much I needed to take in around the zipper.  Then I took out the zipper, ironed back the excess and put it back in.  Then I prayed and had her try it on again.  Hooray! It fits beautifully now.  I didn’t trim the excess away so that I can let it out in the future if I need to.  For her hem, I was feeling lazy… I liked the length as it was cut, so instead of doing a traditional hem, I used a narrow 3-thread overlock on my Baby Lock Imagine.  I like the look, and I think it gives it a dainty finish. (It is actually unhemmed in the pics above.  She was ready for her shoot before her dress.)  Now it’s her favorite dress and she tries to find reasons to wear it.  Another reason to sew for my girls: they are so very appreciative!

Out takes:

She’s blurry.  Because she’s busy.  Always.

Aren’t they the cutest?!?

PS-I am planning a one shouldered dress for myself, too.  Just because I’m feeling a little left out.

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