A Cake and an Outfit for a Baby Shower

Creating is what feeds my soul, whether my medium is fabric, yarn, paper, or a combination of butter and sugar.  Cake decorating is a hobby of mine. I don’t do it often enough to cultivate real skills, but it’s something I enjoy. Yesterday I made a cake for a friend’s baby shower. (She is actually my husband’s cousin’s wife. So we are family. Kind of.)

I think it turned out pretty cute. I frosted it with buttercream frosting. For the yellow accents, I made marshmallow fondant, which is really easy to work with and doesn’t taste bad like the store bought stuff.

 (More about pattern weights to come!)

I also made this cute outfit for her. I love all of the fabric Bonnie Christine’s Cultivate line.  If you haven’t felt Art Gallery’s knits, get your hands on it. It is so soft and a dream to work with.  I bought the machine applique design here and stitched it out with my sweet little Baby Lock Sophia 2. I have used this design a few times for the princesses in my life, and I love how pretty it turns out.  I used this tutorial and pattern from Zaaberry’s blog for the hat.  I drafted a pattern for the leggings from a pair that I already had, and put everything together with my Baby Lock Imagine serger.  I have kids instead of time, so my Imagine is my best friend.  It threads itself, which is of course amazing, but the biggest time saver for me is not having to adjust any of the tension settings.  I timed myself and after cutting the pieces out, I made both the hat and the leggings in 25 minutes.  25 minutes! (That includes using my Baby Lock Diana’s cover stitch function to do the hem and elastic casing on the leggings).  I love projects that come together quickly! (And no, I’m not sponsored by Baby Lock, I just love my machines!)

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4 thoughts on “A Cake and an Outfit for a Baby Shower

  1. You have to be one of the most talented people I know. Both the cake and the outfit are beautiful! You also make the recipient of your talents feel so special since you designed it uniquely for them.


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