Dear Kids, part one

Dear Children of Mine,

I fail you daily, in ways big and small. And I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry that you have to grow up in this cruel and broken world.  And I’m sorry that even in our cozy little nest, ugliness can creep in. But I hope that despite my shortcomings, I’m teaching you to love. 

Love, kids. Love the ones who love you, who treat you with kindness, those who accept you and welcome you. It’s so easy to reflect love when it’s being showered on you.

But even more importantly, love those who are different from you. Forgive those who are unkind and those who exclude you. Be kind to the kids who are a different kind of weird than your weird. Include the outcasts. Stick up for the bullied. Because it’s so easy to reflect love, and you might be a source for someone. 

I have seen so much hate in the world. And you will too, I’m afraid. It doesn’t seem to diminish with time. It might frustrate you, like it does me. You might feel helpless, like I do sometimes. I kind of think Yoda got it right, that hate really starts with fear and ends with suffering. But here is the truth:

There is no fear in love.

-1 John 4:18

I pray you find your strength in Love.



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