“Thanks, I made it.”

I love when I get compliments on the garments I’ve sewn, especially when the complimenter doesn’t know that it’s handmade. Whether it’s something I’m wearing or something I’ve wrangled one of my kids into, I relish every opportunity to say “Thanks, I made it.”  And apparently this is my favorite print currently.

I love the color! It’s from Art Gallery Fabrics so it’s so Pima cotton that washes beautifully and is so soft. And it’s from Bonnie Christine‘s Cultivate line, so it’s gorgeous. I made this outfit for Lily from the knit:

And I have another yard of the knit ready to be turned into leggings for Cora. I’m thinking about some kind of tunic to go with them. Any pattern suggestions? She wears a kids’ 7.

I saw a post on Instagram (from Miss Make) of an Anna Maria Horner’s Painted Portrait Dress made in linen. And I thought “I want that.” We carry Robert Kaufman’s Essex Linen in the shop at which I work. (It’s important not to end sentences with prepositions, kids. It is just something with which I will not put up.) But I wanted to do something pretty and summery. So of course I thought of this print! For this dress I used the woven cotton instead of the knit. Here it is:

I kind of love it.  It’s so very wearable, and super comfy! I have plans for a few more, including a linen one with sleeves, so I can wear it in the fall with boots! And we are expecting some fabric from Anna Maria Horner’s Loominous line that I basically want to live in, so I imagine I will make a dress out of that, too.

Action shots:

Me and Lil: matchy models. Bonus: Puck, wondering when the posing will end so we can actually take our walk.


I know, you can barely see the dress but look how cute that boy is! (And it compliments my Tula baby carrier, always a bonus!)

I’m thinking of teaching a class on this dress because it could be flattering on so many different body types. What do you think?

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