How and why I quilt…

I kind of love math. Scratch that. I absolutely love it! Numbers (even the imaginary and irrational), patterns, equations, angles, I adore all of it. It’s how my brain works and makes sense of the world. I also love creating. I feel most like myself when I’m making something, whether it’s sewing, knitting, cooking or even writing. When these two things collide I promise I can feel God smiling at me.

I’m a seasoned sewist, but a fairly new quilter, and I have fallen in love. It’s so very mathy! (Mathy: adj. having mathematical influences and/or aspects e.g. I love the geometric print on this shirt because it’s so mathy.)

So this is how I like to quilt, with rulers and pencils and freezer paper and ideas. Well, and fabric too.

Just to clarify two things: first, you don’t have to love math to quilt, with the right rulers and patterns all that fun stuff is done for you and second, this math isn’t even hard or complex.

For me, being creative feeds my soul. It is a necessary part of my existence. I’m incredibly fortunate to have a husband who understands that and doesn’t mind giving me a corner of the house and the time I need to be creative.  So today, I encourage you to make time for the things that make you feel like YOU!

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