A quilt in progress 

I previously shared a romper I made with fabric from Cinderberry Stitches’  Saltwater line from Riley Blake Designs (Remember? Mermaids and Narwhals!).  Well this weekend I started on a quilt from the same fabric. I designed it with my Lily lady in mind. (In fact, her curly little head was peering over my shoulder just now and she saw a picture of the fabric and said “that’s my favric!” She says “favric.”) This is what I have so far:

It’s my first Dresden plate! (When I showed it to Lily she said “Good Job, Mama. Thanks!”) It is far from perfect, but I love it nonetheless. I realized as I was contemplating this post that I designed a quilt featuring Dresden plates having never actually made one.  I think that’s because I have confidence in my sewing. I know that I can figure it out, even if it takes a few tries or some adjusting. I wish I had that confidence in other areas of my life. I have let my fear of failure keep me from stepping out of my cozy little nest. This year, my resolution was to be brave. And I know…goals need to be clearly defined in order to be attained, so this resolution was poorly planned. But I’m trying to overcome the fear and step out with confidence.  Like my quilt, I’m still in progress.



One thought on “A quilt in progress 

  1. It’s beautiful! I don’t think it could be any better! And, we are always in progress in every area of our lives. I heard someone once say, “If you’re not embarrassed by the work you were doing a year ago, shame on you”. It may be a little harsh to apply that to everything, I think, but the point is that a goal to continually make strides is important.


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