The limited room in my crowded nest

In my crowded nest I have room for:

  • Chris, Levi, Cora, Lily and Eric
  • Love (in fact adding this one thing seems to make room for everything else of importance)
  • Silliness
  • Creativity
  • Peace
  • Discipline

In my crowded nest I don’t have room for:

  • Clean Laundry that actually makes it to the drawer before being worn (I’ve tried. I can’t seem to squeeze it in)
  • Going to bed at a reasonable hour (Those last quiet hours are way too precious)
  • Unrest, conflict, unresolved issues
  • Another scrap of fabric (haha. Just kidding.)
  • Comparison

I’m trying to learn to be a better filter for my house, to only give time, space, and priority to the things that uplift and encourage my family. If it doesn’t build us up, make us happy or serve a necessary purpose… my little nest is too crowded with good stuff to let anything else in.



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